TinyDeal Introduction

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TinyDeal Introduction

Postprzez TinyDeal.com » 5 sie 2014, o 11:02

Hello, telchina.pl! TinyDeal.com is coming. We are one of the biggest Chinese online stores selling cost-effective smartphone. We will provide the newest information about Chinese smartphone in our store, and then you can get your favourite phone with excellent price.


TinyDeal has several selling ways like retail, wholesale, dropshipping and affiliate program, you can choose any one as you like.

At present, we offer some payment ways like Paypal, Visa, Western Union, Webmoney etc, more details about payment in http://help.tinydeal.com/faq/category/80.

For Shipping & Delivery, we offer freeshipping or other shipping methods like DHL and EMS, you can see more information about shipping in http://help.tinydeal.com/faq/category/81.

If you have some questions, you can post it in this thread, or go to this site http://help.tinydeal.com/. I really appreciate your reply, we hope we can provide convenience to users in this forum.

Brand cellphone:

Octa-core cellphone:

Quad-core cellphone:

Android 4.4 & 4.3 cellphone:

Brand tablet:

Octa-Core & 4G tablet:
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