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Lenovo K80M 5.5" FHD 4G LTE Phone

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Lenovo K80M 5.5" FHD 4G LTE Phone

Postprzez TinyDeal.com » 15 wrz 2015, o 11:28

Lenovo K80M adopts 4000mAh Built-in lithium polymer Battery, its capacity so large that you can watch movies and play big mobilephone games lightheartedly.

Lenovo K80M uses the FHD screen technology, and its resolution reach up to 1920*1080. With exquisite display quality and wonderful color reproduction capability, it will bring you a nice visual feast.

Lenovo K80M carrys Intel Z3560 Quad-core 1.8GHz processor, it is capable of running all of its qual cores in tandem for smooth power delivery and huge gaming performance.

The function take photos is more surprised, the 13 MP rear camera and LED flash creates the perfect light balance for night shots.

Lenovo K80M comes with a 5MP front camera with Face AE Technology for great performance in all light conditions.

More details: http://www.tinydeal.com/lenovo-k80m-55- ... 56266.html

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