Geekbuying August Big Sale, $50 off $500 now!


Geekbuying August Big Sale, $50 off $500 now!

Postprzez Geekbuying » 23 sie 2018, o 10:05

Geekbuying August big sale is here, the biggest promotion in recent months. Following is the details of the sales, make sure that you won't miss your favorite deals ;-)

Timetable (in Beijing time):
1st Preview:8.22 17:00 -8.27 17:00
2nd Formal:8.27 17:00 -9.03 17:00 (all the biggest discounts and coupons will take effect during this period of time)
3rd Clearing:9.03 17:00 -9.07 17:00

The 1st Preview stage has already begun. The entire promotion page of it consists of 4 parts.
1- "Coupon" part. You can grab the biggest coupon code ($500-$50) which will be valid from Aug.27th.

2- "La Tomatina" part. Game for people to win $100 vouchers, Xiaomi robot cleaners and many more prizes.

3- "Preview" part. It displays some products that will be on big sale at the formal stage. People can preview the sale prices and make sure they won't miss their favorite deals.

4- "Recommend" part. Selected products at big discounts for you to save at the preview stage.

Check more deals of the promotion here and stay tuned for the 2nd formal promotion :lol:
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