Geekbuying 6th Anniversary - Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S Giveaway


Geekbuying 6th Anniversary - Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S Giveaway

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Geekbuying Anniversary event is from June 5th to June 22nd. During this period, join in their Mi Mix 2S giveaway game to win you Mix 2S and $10,000 gift vouchers!

How to Play
The goal is to get as many points as possible in all four Card Categories below. If you receive at least one point from each of the Card Categories you will qualify to win a Xiaomi Mix 2S; and on June 19th a $10,000 Gift Voucher will be distributed evenly amongst the players who collected cards from all four Card Categories!

With the Coupon card below you will win Coupons & Free Gifts.
If you draw a blank, flip another card!

Each day you can flip up to 8 times. Your chances of winning increase each time you flip a card!
(See below how to get more chances to flip).
• Each day you have three free chances to flip.
• Each time you share this game on social media you get five extra chances to flip.

1. Xiaomi Mix 2S - The players with the most points in all four Card Categories will win a Xiaomi Mix 2S!
2. $10,000 Gift Voucher - You can buy anything on with these Gift Vouchers! The winners of these vouchers will receive an Email with instruction on how to use them.
3. Anniversary Coupons & Free Gifts - Thousands of these great coupons and gifts will be given to the participants of this game. So start playing now!
Play Now
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