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Geekbuying 2nd Birthday, We Need Your Blessing

11 cze 2014, o 09:17


June 12 is the 2nd birthday of Geekbuying. :mrgreen:

In the past year, Anders and Me have experienced nice days with you guys.

Thanks for your trust, Geekbuying and Telchina build a strong and stable partnership.

Now, we hope to receive some blessing words from you.

You can choose to post it in the reply or :arrow: our blessing wall.

Thank you all.


Re: Geekbuying 2nd Birthday, We Need Your Blessing

11 cze 2014, o 23:24

Hot product sellnig too fast , need be robot to order this Also servers or routing poland-china not ready to this type promotion.

I tried order today HTM M3 phone in early start promotion (started in 00:00 counter) , successfull added one M3 phone to shipping cart, successfull made payment procedure in paypal page , after this back to order page and i want finalise order then started server timeouts or any other page errors , when finally try finalise order without timeouts got massage - out of stock (all procedure maybe had 60 seconds) ... baah i think this type promotions not possible to buy in poland where connection to geekbuying servers not good and can buy only people with good routing. Wanted buy HTM M3 smartphone today in this great price but its not possible :/ and i resign to looking for any other great deals because i know this seckill promotions again give me server timeouts.

Anyway happy 2nd birthday Geekbuying !