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ZOPO Speed 7 Plus vs Galaxy Note 5 vs Sony Xperia C5

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ZOPO Speed 7 Plus vs Galaxy Note 5 vs Sony Xperia C5

Postprzez coolicool » czwartek, 13 sierpnia 2015, 12:13

ZOPO Speed 7 Plus vs Galaxy Note 5 vs Sony Xperia C5 Ultra: Bezel Comparison :-)

Appearance has always been very vital for smartphones, which can not only exude beauty, but also solve the homogenization problem of smartphone design. A stylish and beautiful smartphone appeals to users. It is reported that the screen-to-body ratio of Samsung’s Note 5 will be further upgraded. As far as we know, the smartphone competition is becoming more and more furious, from ultra-slim, curved screen to current frameless bezels. ZOPO Speed 7 Plus, Galaxy Note 5 and Sony Xperia C5 Ultra, among these three devices which device has the narrowest bezel? Let’s have a look at the details.

Sony Xperia C5 Ultra


The new Xperia C5 Ultra packs a 6-inch Full-HD 1080p display with 0.8mm bezels, equipped with a MediaTek MT6752 chip clocked at a speed of 1.7 GHz, coupled with 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage. It runs Android 5.0 Lollipop while Speed 7 runs the latest 5.1. It features a 13.0 MP rear camera and is packed with a 2930mAh battery. According to Xperiablog, Xperia C5 Ultra will go on sale on August 14 to carry HK$3289 price tag in Hong Kong, equal to RMB 2640.

Galaxy Note 5


Galaxy Note 5 will have a 5.66-inch with a 2560 x 1440 display along with an Octa-core Exynos 7420 processor, with a metal-and-glass build. Other tech specifications included are 4GB RAM, Android 5.1.1 Lollipop, 16MP rear camera along with a 5MP front facing camera, support for dual SIM and all of the LTE bands.

ZOPO Speed 7 Plus


Speed 7 Plus was released at MWCS 2015 in Shanghai on July 15, which stresses a high price to performance ratio. It sports a large-sized 5.5-inch 1080p IPS screen, with a frameless bezel design and a very high screen to body ratio with an only 2.45mm non-display area. The viewing area becomes much broader than the previous generation ZP999. In addition, the brushed metal-like finished sides are slim and stylish.


Speed 7 Plus houses a 64-bit octa-core MediaTek MT6753 system on a chip (SoC), 3GB of RAM and 16GB of storage, expandable to 64GB via a Micro-SD. It comes with a 5.0 MP front camera and 13.2 MP rear camera, support for dual SIM and FDD/WCDMA/GSM connectivity. Speed 7 Plus runs the latest Android 5.1 Lollipop operating system. With updated specifications, thin bezel and stylish appearance, Speed 7 Plus has received many positive comments from the media after it was announced.


Before we get into that though, ZOPO signed the two-time MotoGP World Champion Jorge Lorenzo as their brand ambassador. Jorge Lorenzo, born in 1987, is an international champion rider becoming the youngest rider in MotoGP to finish on the podium in the racing history. In 2008, Lorenzo made a great start to his MotoGP career. From 2009 till now, Lorenzo was always ranked within the first three places in MotoGP, and won the 2010 and 2012 MotoGP World Championships.ZOPO also announced their new brand strategy and market strategy recently planning to cooperate in all respects for the long term.

Pre-sales of Speed 7 Plus started on August 3 and will go through until August 25. Up to $40 off coupons are available on ZOPO’s official website(http://www.zopomobile.com) and their authorized e-commerce platforms (http://www.coolicool.com).

The above-mentioned three smartphones all feature stylish and beautiful appearances with a high screen-to-body ratio. The differences lie in the pricing. The prices of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Sony Xperia C5 are on the high side as compared to ZOPO Speed 7 Plus with the similar specs. To further the price gap, there’s an up to $40 off coupon available for ZOPO Speed 7 Plus.

More Details:http://goo.gl/k38Q3m
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