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Xiaomi new ecological chain brand "Mijia", the first electro


Xiaomi new ecological chain brand "Mijia", the first electro

Postprzez Geekbuying » 29 mar 2016, o 14:18


Our general impression of the main Xiaomi, are cheap and bowl from the phone, but in fact, the millet with its own brand as a starting point, the introduction of a lot of perimeter and smart home products, collectively known as the "Xiaomi ecological chain" . After more than 20 products Xiaomi finally realized they are a little "inattentive" to determine Xiaomi ecological chain and Xiaomi products separately, and the establishment of a new brand "Mijia" for the latter. Mijia take short "Mi" "Xiaomi smart home" is sound, the icon is composed of M and J, can be seen as representative of security shield, can be seen as representative of cute cats. Mi idea is to "make the life of art", today launched the first product is the electronic pan, on a good illustration of patterns from the continuation of the ecological chain. This "Mi IH pressure rice cooker" is from "pure rice technology" design, development, ElecPro foundry, but hung in the brand "Mi" is launched. Most manufacturers probably will design and foundry hiding behind the scenes, but Mi did not do so, the design team and openly foundries to introduce to you. Mi IH pressure rice cooker, after all, from the Xiaomi system, and naturally there will be a mobile phone link "Wisdom" feature, where you can use the phone directly scan the bar code on the meter, pressure rice cooker heating curve changes from 2450 kinds of programs, to select the most appropriate one. Mijia pricing pressure rice cooker only 999RMB (about NT $ 5,000, HK $ 1,190) , it really is useful Xiaomi style!


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