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XIAOMI MiPad Quad Core Tablet PC five color for optional

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XIAOMI MiPad Quad Core Tablet PC five color for optional

Postprzez spemall.com » wtorek, 9 grudnia 2014, 12:09

Cost-effective and fashion can more accurately summarized Xiaomi this brand, and tablets don't like mobile phones, TV box, routers, etc., the tablet is competition and battles, it is not the rigid demand for consumers!


The market, it is more brutal. If it have good products, all the marketing and publicity also in vain, it not only XIAOMI, all manufacturer should be understand.


XIAOMI MiPad have been launched in this years, it is a smart android tablets, XIAOMI MiPad do the best android tablet as the goal, with its strong hardware configuration, software fluent experience, rich applications and games to break Apple monopoly position in the tablet world.


In addition, XIAOMI MiPad is built-in SONY 8.0 megapixel stack type camera + 5.0 megapixel front OV camera combination, both are F2.0 aperture, the front-facing camera support 80 degree wide-angle photographs. This tablet is also first carrying Nvidia product Tegra K1, Tegra K1 has 192 graphics processing core, the CPU has two versions, XIAOMI MiPad is using based on A15 architecture quad core 2.2 GHz version. It has 2GB RAM + 16GB / 64GB storage space, it also support the largest 128GB TF card external storage. AnTuTu benchmark test results is more than 41000. Battery capacity is 6700 mah, running based on Android 4.4 MIUI Pad version.


XIAOMI MiPad is equipped with a 7.9 inches Sharp/AU full lamination retina display screen, carrying NVIDIA Tegra K1 quad core 2.2 GHz ARM Cortex-A15 processor, it has four processing core and a the third generation saving power core. The whole experience is better than ipad! This tablet is in stock At SpeMall now, and its price is only USD249.99, it also have five color for optional, I believed you will love them!

Buying Link: http://www.spemall.com/XIAOMI-MiPad-Quad-Core-Tablet-PC-NVIDIA-Tegra-K1-7-9-Inch-2048-x-1536-pixel-IPS-Retina-Screen-Bluetooth-WIFI-Dual-Cameras-2GB-RAM_g.html
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