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Xiaomi Mi5 to be released on Feb 24:Here's what we know

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Xiaomi Mi5 to be released on Feb 24:Here's what we know

Postprzez spemall.com » 17 lut 2016, o 10:16

Xiaomi Mi 5, the modern flagship from the Chinese start-up, will surely launch on February 24, ending nearly a year-long speculation over this smartphone. The corporation VP Hugo Barra has confirmed in a Facebook post.
Xiaomi’s co-founder and vice-president Liwan Jiang, shared the announcement on his Weibo account along with the post states that confirms that Mi 5 is obviously launching as of this event. The Chinese start-up is organising a big event and can have tickets, etc for fans on the event, all signs the Liwan’s post.

Xiaomi Mi 5 remains one of the most awaited, and leaked smartphone in the company. Press photos along with a video of the upcoming Xiaomi flagship were leaked on Weibo in December. The leaked pictures showed the Mi 5 in gold, black, white and pink colour for options with 2.5G curved glass display as well as a 3D glass panel for the back.

Let’s anticipate it!

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