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Xiaomi Mi5 Pro is able to reservation:set limit to 2000units

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Xiaomi Mi5 Pro is able to reservation:set limit to 2000units

Postprzez spemall.com » 25 mar 2016, o 08:46

As previously forecast, Xiaomi Mi5 Pro version is officially opened up for reservation in the morning and set limit to 2000 units. The number of reservation has been more than 16000 people.

If you make a reservation, you need to answer three of the questions in the “Are you ok” final exam in order to test whether you are a true Xiaomi fan.

It is reported that at 10 o ‘clock in the morning, on March 31, Xiaomi Mi5 Pro will be sold on Xiaomi mall on the stroke. They prepared 2000 first edition and there is the only number on the fuselage.

Compared with the standard version and high version, except Snapdragon 820 processor, Xiaomi Mi5 Pro also includes 4GB RAM+128GB ROM and 3D ceramic fuselage.

Of course, the sale is not on sale in the true sense. After all, there are only 2000 units. It is kinda a memorial for the Xiaomi fans.

Xiaomi has promised and will start to be on sale of Xiaomi Mi5 Pro as soon as possible.
Make an appointment and click here: http://hd.mi.com/y/03231o/index.html


For more specs click here: http://www.spemall.com/XIAOMI-5-Mi5-Cer ... one_g.html
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