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Xiaomi Mi5 is not coming alone, Xiaomi Mi5 Plus to join !!

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Xiaomi Mi5 is not coming alone, Xiaomi Mi5 Plus to join !!

Postprzez spemall.com » 27 sty 2016, o 11:00

After proving to most of the Asians, Xiaomi today is not only “Apple of China” but of many other countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia and India too. Xiaomi today has gathered fans from all over the world and have enough confidence to fight the dominance of major players in the mobile phone market. With the recent funding of a Billion Dollars, company today is estimated with a worth of over $46 Billion, and for a 4 year old company this is no less than epic.

100 Million phones in the market, covering just a few Asian countries is surely an achievement. Sources also reveal that this time with Mi5, Xiaomi has plans to enter newer markets like US, UK, Germany, Turkey, Russia, Philippines, Thailand, Spain, Portugal, France, Greece, Czech Republic, Vietnam, Croatia, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka to name a few. Company has already started preparing for the release, and made it very clear that they won’t to be restricted to Asian markets. The scale of their success can be judged by the sales they are doing in countries like India, where none of their product stayed in stock for more than 5 seconds besides having huge numbers to sell. Xiaomi launched Redmi Note 4G in India through Flipkart in December 2014 which went out of stock in 4 seconds just like Mi3. And similarly when they launched Mi4 on February 10, 2015 it also went out of stock in 2 seconds. Xiaomi’s latest launches in the market are Xiaomi Note 2 and Note Pro. These phones are believed to cover the markets where users are more interested in a bigger screen high end device.


Xiaomi have been working on the Xiaomi Mi 5 and Mi5 Plus even before the Mi4 launched. With the monstrous win of their Mi3 and Mi4 in the markets of China, Singapore, Malaysia, India and Philippines, Xiaomi is preparing hard not to loose their recently captured grounds in these countries. The company this time has plans to launch the Xiaomi Mi 5 and Mi 5 Plus worldwide and not through the exclusive rights partners but through offline stores as well. Success of Mi5 and Mi5 Plus will decide Xiaomi’s future in these other countries where market is yet dominated by the other technology giants such as Samsung, Apple, LG and Sony.

On 23 April, 2015 Xiaomi released another successor of the Mi4, its called Xiaomi Mi4i. Xiaomi marketed the launch of this phone saying “i Is Coming” which made fans go crazy on what is this ‘i’. Company launched Xiaomi Mi4i at a global event in Delhi, India. Company designed Xiaomi Mi4i keeping in mind the needs of Indian market. This phone equips a 13 MP camera with a few new feature that has come with Xiaomi Mi4i, like the Beautification Application. Xiaomi Mi 4i comes with the latest MiUi 6 which has a better user experience and enhanced battery optimization. Xiaomi Mi4i is launched for Rs 12,999 in India which is almost equivalent to $206. For a phone of this configuration this is really amazing.
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