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XIAOMI Mi4 officially released :Which is the fastest phone !

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XIAOMI Mi4 officially released :Which is the fastest phone !

Postprzez spemall.com » 22 lip 2014, o 11:56

On July 22, Xiaomi company launched new flagship XIAOMI Mi4 smartphone in Beijing , uses Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 quad-core processors, with 2.5 GHz. Built-in 3gb of memory, 16/64 gb flash. Screen parameters not too big change, the use of 1080p 5 inch screen, still using sharp/JDI OGS all joint technology.

Appearance is Xiaomi 4 biggest highlights , after three generations of products of precipitation, xiaomi finally used the metal material in the Xiaomi 4, according to lei jun, Xiaomi 4 machine body adopt austenite304 steel , has better wear resistance than plastic. Xiaomi 4 fuselage both from the look and feel than the previous generation had certain breakthrough.

Besides Xiaomi 4 has 3080 mah lithium-ion polymer battery, native support for high standard rapid charging technology, use 9v 1.2A charger, charging 60% in 1 hour.

Original camera still from SONY, the pre - 8 million + 8 million rear camera.

In addition, according to the official listing of Xiaomi 4 will pick up the latest beautiful MIUI V6 system, has a much flatter design.

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