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VR Information---Hands volley operation Gear VR, Samsung pat


VR Information---Hands volley operation Gear VR, Samsung pat

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Samsung's new sensor patent exposure, enabling hands volley operation Gear VR

United States Patent Office today announced a Samsung patent applications for its mobile display Samsung Gear VR VR head was developed a new sensor to achieve gesture recognition, it allows the user to operate with both hands volley Gear VR applications.

According to the patent documents show, click Run through the VR world to achieve line of sight menus, icons, photographs, video, etc., completely without the use of any real button on the device.

Comments: gesture recognition realized, then the turn of the force feedback ...... Gee, what to achieve with it?

The best view to watch the game! NCAA March Madness Final Live will use the VR

This year's NCAA (American NCAA) March Madness finals will be broadcast to 180-degree view through VR.

Samsung Gear VR users will be able to NCAA March Madness Live new VR applications via download Oculus Mall to watch the broadcast.

Those without VR device viewers can watch 2D 180-degree version of live video on their computers, while 360-degree viewing angle match the scene moments will be published in the NCAA March Madness Facebook home page.

VR also live game "comes" a virtual real-time updates of the scoreboard.

Comments: The possible future use VR device called dare to live it?

Google released "VR View 'and Cardboard SDK for iOS

Google announced in a blog post, they launched an embeddable web native applications VR View, and the formal launch of iOS Cardboard SDK, IOS developers can embed virtual reality content in their own applications.

Whether it is on the user's mobile phone or computer, VR View photos can be 360 degrees or 360 degrees video into interactive experiences, and then use the Cardboard to watch. On the web, embedded VR view as simple as adding a iframe tags, Google on github source for web developers HTML and JavaScript, so you can according to their needs and modify the self-hosted.

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