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Vensmile i10 Mini PC low to $99.89! 【Flash sale】

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Vensmile i10 Mini PC low to $99.89! 【Flash sale】

Postprzez Gearbest » 3 mar 2016, o 12:51

Vensmile i10 Mini PC

Bay Trail CR Z3735F Quad Core Windows 10 2MP Camera Bluetooth 4.0 Support 2.4G 5G Dual Band WiFi

price: $99.89
url: http://www.gearbest.com/tv-box-mini-pc/pp_241114.html


Vensmile i10 Mini PC is equipped with a well known processor: Intel Atom Z3735F Bay Trail. With 2GB DDR3 RAM, 32G eMMC flash, Broadcom 6330 WiFi module, supports 802.11 a / b / g / n dual band WiFi (2.4G and 5G) and Bluetooth 4.0. The Vensmile i10 Mini PC has an active cooling system with the big aluminum heat sink covering the CPU / DDR / eMMC.

As you can see below, in addition to the unusual shape, it has 4 USB ports, HDMI, Ethernet port and TF card slot, headphone jack and also comes with 2MP HD camera and built-in microphone in the front. Once you have it, you will hardly tear yourself away from it.

Windows 10 has start button like windows 7 combined with live tiles, there is no force full screen start button.

Main Features:
● The processor in this chip is a Intel Atom Z3735F Bay Trail with a maximum clock speed of up to 1.8GHz. Use the Intel HD Graphic as GPU. Apps have never run so smoothly. Windows 10 OS will also give you a smooth internet surfing experience.
● Support 2.4G 5G dual band WiFi.
● With a 2MP HD camera, you can shoot your family video or anything you want to shoot.
● Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity: Easy pairing with most Bluetooth-enabled devices (computer, mobile phone, keyboard and others).
● The mini PC has a memory of 2GB DDR3L, with 32GB nand flash, support TF card up to 64GB, easily enjoy games and APKs.
● With 4 USB 2.0 interface, we needn't wait for a long time to transfer the data, and we can plug 4 USB at same time, it's a great convenience.
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