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Umi Zero News

Postprzez coolicool » 15 wrz 2014, o 08:15

UMI ZERO Ensures to Take Samsung Super AMOLED screen
Here is more news we got about the ZERO smartphone from UMI.They confirmed its flagship device - superbody ZERO is taking Samsung original Super AMOLED

screen, which is the proudest technology along with Exynos system-on-chips of SamSung, featuring self-luminous and less electricity consumption,

deep and colorful world you see with your eyes to one you can view in your hands.

Remember back to early August the UMI C1 has met the market boastingits very budget price $149.99 with5.5inch HD and Baby Skin material.

So we can see UMI has been paying a lot of attention on all these detail designing.

Would the price is getting more and more expensive just because of the lovely graphic design?

Would you care about the look at all?

$199.99 for Elephone S7

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