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Ulefone Be One,Price Decided By You!

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Ulefone Be One,Price Decided By You!

Postprzez coolicool » 22 gru 2014, o 09:29


Ulefone Be One VS Huawei Honor 3C, Redmi 1S,Price Decided By You
With the approaching of 2014 end, all the mobile manufacturers are busy doing a better year-end summary of the whole market. As we know, the Xiaomi Redmi 1S, Redmi Note and Huawei Honor 3C are all the hot sell cost-effective devices. They can defeat with each other to death no matter configuration, functions, price, or workmanship. While now there appeared another strong competitor-Ulefone Be one.

For those devices, we did a detailed comparison. After taking a look at the comparison, let's together guess the price of Ulefone Be One to check what kind of surpise the new released Ulefone Be One can bring us.
From its main configuration, Ulefone Be One and Remi Note are almost the same. Redmi Note lags behind Ulefone Be One on its front camera and ROM, but other two devices Honor 3C and Redmi 1S largely lag behind. In general, the Ulefone's first device released to oversea market brought not small impact to Xiaomi and Huawei Honor.

Comparing with $180 for Redmi Note, we believe Ulefone will give us not samll surprise on its price. Then let's guess its price, maybe its price is just what you wanted.
$199.99 for Elephone S7

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