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Tronsmart Ara X5 The First Window 10 TV BOX Released Grab $0


Tronsmart Ara X5 The First Window 10 TV BOX Released Grab $0

Postprzez Geekbuying » 21 sie 2015, o 10:42


14nm Cherry Trail Z8300

As the pioneer in Mini PC market, Tronsmart is the first brand to feature Ara X5 with Intel Cherry Trail CPU: Z8300. Z8300, the premier Intel Atom CPU, took the initiative to apply 14nm Soc technology, next generation micro architecture which leads the market for approximate 2 years. In the meantime, it is also equipped with 1.8G 64-bit Quad core CPU as well as Gen 8 graphics.

Pre-installed Windows 10

Tronsmart Ara X5 is pre-installed with licensed Windows 10 home, so that our users are able to enjoy the advanced functions of Windows OS directly. Moreover, the built-in Cortana in Windows 10 can turn Ara X5 into a work assistant as well as life-partner. With Windows 10 OS, you can sync game display to any devices of Windows 10 OS. What an amazing scenario! When your friends are watching football matches on TV, you can play games on Xbox and display on another PC screen.

Fanless Design

With fanless design, Ara X5 offers quiet but stable system performance, with embedded systems performing steady heat dissipation under industrial automation control. Ara X5 is marked by high performance dual-layer PCBA, characterizing of heat sink design. Even through fanless, it still fulfills desirable temperature control performance on CPU.

Acrylic Panel

Continuing on the inspirational design of Ara BJ19, Ara X5 adopts Acrylic panel and the whole mould structure, but with far more thinner, lighter figure.

Thanks to the Broadcomm AP6330 Wi-Fi module, Ara X5 supports 802.11 a/b/g/n 2.4Ghz/5Ghz and embedded with BT 4.0 module, it is capable of cutting down power consumption and minimizing delay by 3-milliseconds, with transfer-distance over 10 meters, apart from AES-128 coding support. It is compatible with 2.0, 2.1 and 3.0, all BT standards

2G+32G eMMC

Tronsmart Ara X5 boasts 2GB DDR3 RAM, and 32GB eMMC Flash, advantageous in performance, security and reliability, ascribing to the eMMC memory, ultimately delivering a richer end-user experience.

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