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The most graphic sense of 4G mobile phone in market OnePlus2

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The most graphic sense of 4G mobile phone in market OnePlus2

Postprzez spemall.com » poniedziałek, 10 sierpnia 2015, 08:40

OnePlus 2 continue to adopt true design concept, which looks richer and more attentively, compared with OnePlus 1 generation in terms of color and shell material. There are 5 back cover versions: black sandstone version (standard), bamboo version, black apricot version, sour branch version and kay fulla version, which bring you more extreme experience. After all, you need to bring your phone in hand the whole day and night. Perfect tactility has been very important for OnePlus phone. It is more important than the product configuration, performance and so on; plus, the new design of OnePlus 2 looks stunning than OnePlus 1 generation.
OnePlus 2 uses a 5.5-inch 1080p IPS cell technology in the screen, and continue to use suspension design of the screen. The display effect is really good. There is a built-in Snapdragon 810 eight core processor and the memory combination of 3GB RAM+16GB ROM/4GB RAM+64GB ROM in the core, which can run hydrogen interface smoothly based on the Android 5.1 OS kernel. There is a 13 million pixel rear lens on the back, which can achieve 0.2 seconds laser focus and support OIS optical image stabilization containing double LED lights, and the corresponding 5 million pixels front cameras.

The design of OnePlus 2 is not only eye-catching but also the experience also does well. The handset adopts USB Type-C charging interface that is consistent with new Apple Macbook. The interface can be both positive and negative random insertion. Its charging line is designed with flat shape, which is better to receive and carry. The press type fingerprint sensor is built in OnePlus 2. You can complete recognition within 0.36s and it also supports Alipay to pay, which improves the portability of the handset. The screen is adopted suspension design as well as a more "transparent" negative LCD screen technology, which can effectively reduce the heat and power consumption of the screen.

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