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[Clearance Sale] RC Helicopter Recommend


[Clearance Sale] RC Helicopter Recommend

Postprzez Geekbuying » 22 kwi 2016, o 13:24

1, MjX X901
Sleek and stylish, exquisite workmanship
Function: Up / Down, turn left / right, left, right, side flying, 3D Another, 3D roller, a key to roll button
SP: USD 18.89

2, GW007-1
With the camera 2.0MP HD.
The whole body with rubber painting, high quality materials, feel very good
With flashy LED lights, glow in the night sky
With Headless Mode, a key to the return mode
It is equipped with two different ways to choose speed
Having 6-axis gyroscope may be more stable bearing and is easy to control
Function: go up, go down to the front, back, left side fly, fly right side and 3D rolling
SP: USD 32.99

3, JJRC H22
3D inverted flight, 360 degrees tipping
With Headless Mode, you do not need to adjust the position of the aircraft before flight
A key to the operation of the back makes it easy to find the way home
4 channels that can do climb, descend, forward, back, left side fly, fly right side and rolling 360 degrees
6-axis gyroscope, more stable flight and easy to control
Lightweight airframe with excellent durability
battery protection
Function: Up / down, forward / backward, swerve, turn left / right, 360 degrees rolling over a button to return, Headless mode, 3D inverted flight
SP: USD 17.99

4, MjX X101
Headless Mode: the aircraft will examine the opposite direction from that of the remote control, such as the right by default when flying at a height where the operator is not able to judge the direction of the aircraft head with naked eyes, so that he / she can go to other places
One key to return: auto return of the aircraft after the GPS positioning based on the signals emitted by the remote control while hovering in good condition, saving the operation from unnecessary manipulations
transmission in real time
life greater Fly
Certificate: EN71, EN62115, ASTM, Total Lead, RoHS, R TTE
Note: camera mounting (not included): X101 can be customized with C4005, C4008, the transmission camera module C4009 FPV in real time (not included) to realize aerial photography (shooting and recording)
Suitable age: 14+
SP: USD 45.99
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