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Pico ΝΕΟ Snapdragon 820 2K 3D VR ακουστικά για PC


Pico ΝΕΟ Snapdragon 820 2K 3D VR ακουστικά για PC

Postprzez Geekbuying » 22 kwi 2016, o 13:22

There is good news that Pico NeoIt was now for presale. You can experience this first pico New VR from Geekbuying. Is the first VR headset be powered by Snapdragon chipset 820. It also has the function of FOV102 1080p, and will be your first choice for your computer. Supports android6.0 OS or PUI, and is 90Hz 3,8-inch AMOLED display supporting 2k.


summary video system
Android 6.0 or PUI
Quad-Core SoC Snapdragon 820
Vincenzo 530 GPU
2 * 3.8 inch AMOLED 90 HZ supports 2K
DR4-1866 3G RAM and SSD storage eMMC 5.1
Our VR lenses offer customized feel more attractive with a 102-degree field
IPD and focus
IPD and the focus can be adjusted to fit your eyes.
IPD adjustment function allows the distance between the lens correctly connected the distance of each user's pupil (the distance between the centers of pupils in both eyes) have extended the range.
Without doubt, the ideal solution for those who wear glasses will adjust the focus / diopters, not allowing glasses to be worn, but allows users to customize lenses for vision correction.
performance surprise
The earliest VR all-in-one console built with Snapdragon 820 Quad-Core SoC, while the high speed 4G RAM LPD-DR4-1866 and flash eMMC5.1 memory. Pico has again made this amazing performance power calculation Pico Neo'sground-breaking Mobile VR.

Well, what do you think of this first VR the computer screen with 820 k 2 Snapdragon; This Pico Neo brings you the best experience for the true reality of videos, movies, games? You can enjoy 5% discount coupon code: xiaomifans getting the first of Geekbuying. We never will be.
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