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Only one MT6588 Smartphone Gionee ELIFE E7mini Quad Core

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Only one MT6588 Smartphone Gionee ELIFE E7mini Quad Core

Postprzez spemall.com » 1 gru 2014, o 12:09

Gionee late last year in India released a MINI version E7 - Gionee ELIFE E7mini, this product is carrying MT6592 octa core, a few months later, Gionee ELIFE E7mini officially launched in China, it has replaced the core platform, processor is MTK MT6588 quad-core CPU, because MTK product line adjustment, Gionee ELIFE E7mini has become the only current using MT6582 quad-core SOC products.

This smartphone is in stock At SpeMall now, and its price is only USD386.99!


Gionee ELIFE E7mini have not high standard like E7, but its own bright spot is more, the first is network, it is equipped with the frequency of 1.7 GHz main MTK6588 quad-core processors, E7mini can support TD-SCDMA/WCDMA/GSM double card double stay more, it can realize the dual 3G standby; Secondly, it is using the characteristics of the flip camera design, a 13.0 megapixel camera ACTS as a all-rounder role, it realize daily random photo or HD video chat; In addition, Gionee ELIFE E7mini adopted 4.7 -inch 720 p resolution Sharp's IGZO screen, there is few products equipped with these technology screen.

In addition to the above these prominent selling point, Gionee ELIFE E7mini is built-in 1GB RAM and 16GB ROM memory, battery capacity is 2200 mah, based on the depth of the Android 4.2 custom Amigo2.0, support OTG, gyroscope, electronic compass, etc, now, it only have the white version on the market, its measurements is 139.8 x66.2 x8.6 mm.

Soon, as the replacement of new products, Gionee ELIFE E7mini should also disappear from the market, as only the MT6588 mobile phone, Gionee ELIFE E7mini smartphone is good for women users, it is also a good choice to collect.

Buying Link: http://www.spemall.com/Gionee-ELIFE-E7mini-Quad-Core-Smartphone-GPS-3G-WIFI-Bluetooth-MTK6588-1-7GHz-4-7-Inch-1280-x-720-HD-Capacitive-Touch-Screen-Rotate-Camera-13-0MP-1GB-RAM-16GB-ROM_g.html
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Re: Only one MT6588 Smartphone Gionee ELIFE E7mini Quad Core

Postprzez Dablju » 1 gru 2014, o 12:46

Nothing special for this price.
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