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[Hot Sale]Only $49.98 for Zeblaze Rover Smartwatch

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[Hot Sale]Only $49.98 for Zeblaze Rover Smartwatch

Postprzez banggood » 11 wrz 2015, o 11:32

Hi Telchina guys,

In all fairness, cost-effective smart watch is already "abundant" among the market, not to mention the one pricing $49.98. Here comes another one, Zeblaze Rover Smartwatch, which titled "the thinnest smart watch". :lol:

8.8mm thickness
Apple Watch similar design, square dial, alloy mid-frame, matte coating, even the alleged special leather strap, we all are well-familiar with these, except for thinnest 8.8mm fuselage.
To be endowed with ultra-thin design, logically, weight has been shrunken by a wide margin. Combined with latest technology and crafty, it gives lighter and more comfortable wearing experience.

Zeblaze Rover MTK2501 OGS Panel Premium Leather Strap Toughened Smartwatch
Price: $49.98
Url: Zeblaze Rover MTK2501 OGS Panel Premium Leather Strap Toughened Smartwatch Sale-Banggood.com

Basic specs
1. Pedometer. Track daily exercise date like distance, step, calorie consumption.
2. Sleep monitor.
3. Sedentary reminder. Remind you of taking a rest.
4. Altimeter, thermometer, barometer. Designed for outdoor activity
5. Call reminder and clock.
6. Music player. Support both music play and voice recording.

Have Fun,
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