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[Coupon]Only $33.98 for BlitzWolf™ GV18 Pro Smart Bluetooth

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[Coupon]Only $33.98 for BlitzWolf™ GV18 Pro Smart Bluetooth

Postprzez banggood » 24 sie 2015, o 11:57

Hi Telchina guys,

Here is a $10 coupon for BlitzWolf™ GV18 Pro Smart Bluetooth Watch. This coupon will continue until August 30, 2015, don't miss it. :-P

BlitzWolf™ GV18 Pro Smart Bluetooth Watch NFC Camera TF Card Wristwatch
Price: $33.98 ( coupon code: 368ab9 )
Url: BlitzWolf™ GV18 Pro Smart Bluetooth Watch | Banggood.com

As some of you may know already, BlitzWolf GV18 Pro Bluetooth Watch has integrated square dial, rubber strap, metallic fuselage and sleek design with superb compatibility and multiple functions, making itself the best experience for intelligent wearable device.
You can expect most conventional and sophisticated functions like hands-free phone call, message sync, pedometer, phone book, sleep detector, sedentary remind, remote camera, calendar, music play or even video recording and latest NFC function.

Reasons To Buy

1. Super affordable. You barely can find any smart watch at lower than $33.98 retail price.
2. Perfect suitability. Regardless of jobs or occupations, chief, business man, driver, engineer, entrepreneur or something, Blitzwolf Watch is perfectly suitable.
3. Best dressing collocation. Party, sports, conference, wedding, etc, you can handle it all.

Have fun,
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