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only$ 112.99 KINGZONE N5 Android 5.1 4G LTE Smartphone

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only$ 112.99 KINGZONE N5 Android 5.1 4G LTE Smartphone

Postprzez Gearbest » 30 lip 2015, o 16:31

KINGZONE N5 Android 5.1 4G LTE Smartphone - ROSE MADDER
coupon: N5GB
only$ 112.99

Kingzone doesn’t really sound like a smartphone company judging by its name, but nonetheless, the Chinese company whose name this is does in fact make smartphones, and they actually make good ones. The Kingzone N5 is their most recent release and it’s currently up for pre-sale on http://www.gearbest.com/ for only$ 112.99 . That price should already suggest something to you, but before jumping to conclusions, hear me out.

The Kingzone N5 is certainly a cheap smartphone, and while it’s marketed as a flagship, it is in fact more of a mid-ranger, for various factors. The price point of the device would suggest a budget smartphone and some compromises, but once you get your hands on this one, you will instantly notice that compromises are minimal. The Kingzone N5 is not a premium smartphone, but it still comes with a metal edge, a durable chassis, a removable battery, and of course the staple of Chinese smartphones, a microSD card slot for storage expansion.
Its screen and design are what in my mind put the Kingzone N5 in the mid-range category, because they cannot be considered flagship material. The phone comes with a 5 inch 1280*720 resolution IPS display, which while very good, does not qualify for flagship quality at this time in 2015. Nonetheless, viewing angles are great and brightness is acceptable even in bright sunlight, which is a great feature. The performance of the Kingzone N5 is on par with certain flagships, which is why I would definitely recommend this phone as a daily driver.
The Kingzone N5 comes with a 64 bit MediaTek MTK6735 CPU, backed by 2 GB RAM and 16 GB internal storage. The microSD card slot offers the opportunity of expansion, so media storage should not be a problem. Android 5.1 Lollipop is on board, so you’re getting the latest when it comes to user experience. There is some skinning going on, but at least the double tap to wake feature is also included in the mix. The battery is rather large at 2600 mAh and the company advertises at least two days of heavy use when it comes to battery life, which sounds pretty rad. Whether the Kingzone N5 can manage that battery life remains to be seen.
The strongest feature of the Kingzone N5 is its camera setup: on the front, we’ve got a 13 MP sensor with LED flash and a 5 MP wide-angle camera on the front. The software is fast and snappy, which makes the Kingzone N5 ideal for spontaneous photography. Naturally, the photos won’t be as good as they are on the OnePlus One for example, but the difference won’t be that big. In all fairness, the Kingzone N5 camera is pretty good, even though it doesn’t have fancy features like optical image stabilization or laser autofocus.

For the price, the Kingzone N5 has a lot to offer, and with the strong point being the camera, I think this phone would be great for someone who loves playing around with photos and who spends a lot of their time on social media like Instagram and Facebook. It’s an excellent daily driver for younger people, as it’s cheap and its battery lasts pretty long. Moreover, if you purchase the Kingzone N5 from Everbuying now, you will also get a leather Dot View case with your order, which adds to your user experience. Any takers?
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