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News about Xiaomi Mi 5

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News about Xiaomi Mi 5

Postprzez spemall.com » 11 mar 2016, o 09:45

Xiaomi continues to break records for its technologies and innovative solutions. The new Mi 5 smartphone proves this fact surely. There are 100 % faster CPU, 87 % faster flash-memory, an improved network technology 4G + generation, a more stable camera. And the design is even more elegant and sensual. Xiaomi Mi 5 is the incredible conjunction of beauty and technology.
Multitasking genius
Snapdragon 820 processor
4 GB of RAM
128 GB UFS 2.0 flash-memory

The main Mi 5 advantage is the high performance. The powerful heart of this smartphone is the 820 Snapdragon processor with 64-bit architecture and 2.2 GHz frequency. The new technology allows energy consumption reducing. The processor has an improved audio module as well as allows you to maintain 4K image quality. RAM is 4GB, and there is available 32GB and 64GB ROM. Therefore, the smartphone is able to perform the most demanding tasks, support the latest games, and perform the maximum multitasking.


Click here for more details:
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