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Multiple layers of protection, children watch Tencent inform


Multiple layers of protection, children watch Tencent inform

Postprzez Geekbuying » 14 mar 2016, o 12:50


With smart watch children's hot, a domestic network security intelligence agencies released a report that: Children Smart Watch security vulnerabilities, hackers can cause children real-time monitoring, access to daily walk the track of the child, as well as real-time environmental sounds. Technical personnel proposed for this security vulnerability, as long as the manufacturers safety measures done, timely repair security vulnerabilities, to avoid such vulnerabilities is achievable.

For the "Focus" exposure problems, Tencent problem as the largest Internet platform, with innumerable data, and information security issues, but also the most important Tencent, and even can be said that Tencent employees are nearly 1/10 Tencent in the maintenance of information security, the average annual cost of maintaining information security unpredictable. Therefore, Tencent children watch has a "multi- protection " to ensure the security of user information.

The first heavy: against hacker attacks, more secure encryption algorithms

Information security vulnerability is mainly related to encryption technology issues, different encryption algorithms to break the difficulty factor is also different. For example, such as online banking adoption httpsTLS1.2 general standard AES128-bit encryption, which is an advanced business information https commonly used encryption, AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) is the United States Institute of Standards and Technology developed for electronic data encryption the specification is recognized as digital information (including financial data, telecommunications data and government data) encryption methods. 128 is the key length, which is divided into different length 128/192/256, 256-bit AES algorithm than the 128-bit algorithm, a higher level of information security. Tencent children watch uses httpsTLS1.2 standard AES256 bit, online banking is higher than the general strength of the encryption.

Second: server data storage, multi-dimensional security

Children watch Tencent cloud server E CS , cloud monitoring, real-time early warning and other ways of protection hacking. Safety and reliability of the data server 99.99%, professional storage technology to ensure data security, multiple real-time copy of the data to ensure reliable, configure DD oS protection, killing Trojans, anti-violence, cracks, and other multi-dimensional professional protective measures to further protect the Tencent children watch information security.

Third: the quality and safety supervision, the strength of the certification authority

The country has not yet introduced industry safety standards for children's intelligence products, but Tencent children watch through the development of its own technology, the quality of repeated testing, and through national professional certification authority. Today has passed the national 3C mandatory safety certification, SRRC certification, Radio Transmission Equipment Type Approval Certificate, and many other national network permits the highest standards of mandatory certification, as well as a number of international authority issued a certificate to ensure compliance with national Tencent children watch the highest standards of safety radio transmitting equipment, quality, and network security, authentication, and this series is the world of radio traffic management practices.


Buy brand products, allows you to "let go of love, love last."

Children smart wearable device blowout-style development in 2015, some manufacturers have seen the commercial value of which, as in this slice of the market and profiteering, in its own technology and insufficient, sloppy research and development and production of children wearable device, and could not help but watch produced quality testing, there are different situations vulnerabilities, watches quality watches and radiation issues.

Tencent children watch on this project after many years of training and precipitation, both pre-market and consumer demand analysis, or the latter part of the design, development, production and testing, repeated demonstration, the test is repeated strive to achieve excellence in quality assurance, we must also ensure the stability of the platform system access, as well as data security information.

Therefore, greatly accelerates this also suggest that consumers buy children watch, or to choose the public trust is high, with research and development strength of the brand.

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