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According to the latest news, Xiaomi Mi Band 2 will be announced in early June. Unlike predecessor models, the Mi Band 2 will be coming with a LED display. It also seems to feature a physical button that can be used to view various health-centric data on the screen. Let’s have a simple review of the predecessor models. Mi Band 1S (also called Mi Band Pulse) is the third version of the Mi band. It has a new feature compared to old version – the heart rate monitor. During aerobic exercises the heart rate sensor allows you to control the pace, the heart rate, to handle the state of your movement at every moment, and to generally improve the work of the heart and as a result of correct load — to increase the volume of the lungs. Mi Band 2015 upgraded version is the second version of Mi Band. LED light color is the only change compared to the first version of Mi Band. The first version of Mi Band is an excellent-value, lightweight fitness band with outstanding battery life. It’s as accurate as any other fitness band, and has lots of useful features. If you’re after a simple fitness tracker to help get you moving, and value simplicity and comfort over heart rate monitors and custom workout plans, then you should buy one.

Today we will introduce some awesome Mi Band accessories.

Wrist Strap

1. Original Mi Band Bracelet Wrist Strap

The original Mi Band bracelet wrist strap is available in 5 colors – pink, green, blue, yellow, orange. Made of hypoallergenic TPiV which has outstanding anti-UV, anti-microbial, and anti-allergic properties. It’s sort to the touch and is unlikely to irritate even the most sensitive skin. Fits snugly for ultimate wearing comfort.

2. TPE Strap

1) Mi band/ 1S TPE Strap

Made of TPE material which is comfortable to wear, stylish and durable, environmental protection and anallergic. The size can be adjusted according to the circumstance of individual wrist. Great cheap alternative to official band.

Available in 5 colors: black, white, yellow, blue, red


Available in 5 colors: black, white, green, orange, yellow

2) New Mijos Replaceable 280mm Lengthened TPE Strap

Available in 6 colors : black, white, yellow, green, blue, red This strap is 280mm in length, while the original Mi Band wrist strap length is 225mm. A fantastic strap enabling you to solve the simple problem of the original Mi band wrist strap that is too small.


3. PU Leather Wrist Strap


Available in 4 colors – black, silver, red, brown

This PU leather wrist strap is designed for Xiaomi Miband/ Mi band 1S. It uses soft leather material that is comfortable to wear and wear resistant. It adopts anti-lost design, when you install the Miband dial in the watch band, the dial will never fall out of it. Its back over has a small buckle that could easily be assembled and disassembled and a classic pin buckle that is convenient to adjust the length and effectively prevent falling down. Its stainless steel material case design allows no color-fading or paint-shedding. It is good to your skin and with better waterproof effect.

4. Stainless Steel Strap

Made of metal material, which is more durable and better waterproof than the original TPU band. Its sheet folding clasp is easy to take on and off. It’s convenient to adjust the length and effectively prevent falling down.A Perfect replacement for lost or damaged band.

1) Mi-Jobs Stainless Steel Strap


Only silvercolor available

2)Milan Metal Strap


Available in 2 colors: gold, black

3)Stainless Steel Strap


Available in 3 colors: gold, black, silver

Necklace Pendant Case

1. New Mijos Silicone Necklace Pendant Case

Available in 5 colors: black, orange, yellow, blue, rose This necklace pendant case is made of soft silicone material, which is soft, waterproof, no harm to human body skin and environmental safety. It is shapely, fashion and enabling you to wear as necklace. It is more secure even you do intense sports, such as playing basketball, football, you also can wear it, the Miband core will not fall off. The Necklace rope length can be adjusted according to person’s neck. A new way to wear your Miband and personalize your Miband to match your daily style with these brand new color choices.

2. New Water Drop-shaped Necklace Pendant Case

1) Silicone


Available in 5 colors: black, orange, green, red, deep blue This case is made of soft silicone material which is wear-resistant and waterproof. Its water drop appearance looks more special and fashionable to your Miband/Miband 1S. With a sling connecting to the Miband, convenient and safe while playing basketball, football or other exciting sports. You can also match it with kinds of exquisite sling to make your own stylish. You can change the Miband to a neck hanging mode, which is the best usage for the pedometer function. A perfect replacement to Mi band.

2) Metal


Available in 3 colors: black, silver, gold. Made of metal material which is durable and washable. Its unique water drop-shaped necklace pendant design looks delicate and personalized. You can wear it playing basketball, football, the Miband core will not fall off. Want to liberate your Mi band from basic look? Try this.

Xiaomi Amazfit Smart Bracelet


An exquisite and elegant fitness tracker by Xiaomi. Simple rigorous design, the removable exchangeable strap. AmazFit can be worn as a bracelet or a necklace. Due to its unique and elegant form AmazFit can be worn as a pendant, which makes it suitable for all occasions: trainings, work, parties. With AmazFit bracelet you have the opportunity to daily measure the distance covered, to control the number of calories burned during sports activities, to set the frequency of your sleep phases and to set alarm clocks. AmazFit will help you to get the rhythm of your life under control! The main components of the bracelet Xiaomi AmazFit are a motion sensor and a Bluetooth 4.0 chip. The bracelet is powered by a 15mAch battery and the ultra-low power consumption level ensures the continuous work of AmazFit for 10 days without recharging!

Xiaomi Amazfit Accessories


1) Original Xiaomi Amazfit Bracelet Replacement Wrist Strap

The Gold wrist strap is made of TPU material and the black one is made of leather. The pink one is made of pink TPU, pink aluminum and white polyester. They are all beautiful and comfortable to wear. Due to its fashion design and good quality, you can wear it to casual lunches, to work and even to formal dinners.

2) Original Xiaomi Amazfit Bracelet Replacement Necklace Strap

The silver necklace strap is made of S925 silver and platinum plating, which looks elegant. The black one is a wax leather strap with stainless steel buckle. Its contracted design and elegant appearance will definitely make you a fashion icon!
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