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Jiayu S3 hits in the market

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Jiayu S3 hits in the market

Postprzez spemall.com » 16 lip 2015, o 06:47

The low-end market competition of domestic mobile phone manufacturers is increasingly fierce. With the devouring of Huawei Honor and Xiaomi Redmi series, Meizu will join the battlefield. At the same time, Jiayu has new Jiayu S3 that carry with 3GB RAM, mediatek eight processors and supports double 4G.

The configuration of Jiayu S3 with 3GB storage, regardless of the brand, is good. I've been interested in the JiaYu S3 since it was first announced, and after playing with it for the last couple of weeks I don't think I'll ever go back to a Galaxy, iPhone, or anything else.

In addition, the handset is equipped with a 5.5-inch 1080p screen, providing the rear 13 million pixels SONY IMX214 13000000 megapixel camera and the front is 5 million,. It runs Android 4.4 system, follow-up to upgrade Android 5.0. Jiayu S3 is built-in 3000 mah battery capacity.

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