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How to use the computer in VR world ?


How to use the computer in VR world ?

Postprzez Geekbuying » 25 mar 2016, o 06:21

Virtual Desktop allows users to fully use all the functions of the PC in the VR world. Even if it has no social function, but Virtual Desktop is still impressive. The style and presentation applications, allowing users to feel honestly in the VR world, the screen size is unlimited. In the application within the presentation pages, Virtual Desktop is proud to introduce the following two characteristics:

Hardware-accelerated video playback of 360 ° panorama
Support YouTube 360 ° panoramic video online play
Support Browse 360 ° panorama
Support music visualization
Support 3D surround video
Game launcher supports Voice Actions
Virtual multi-monitor support
You can call Environment Editor Customization

It should be emphasized that, despite its source application is Steam, its function is not limited to only call Steam Lane. You can access any web page through it, play any game or open any program. Theoretically, all non-VR can do on a PC, you can by VR in the PC, on multiple screens, custom environment complete.

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