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Hesvit S3 BT4.0 Smart Bracelet Watch! No.1 G3! Xiaomi Yi U.S


Hesvit S3 BT4.0 Smart Bracelet Watch! No.1 G3! Xiaomi Yi U.S

Postprzez Geekbuying » 5 mar 2016, o 04:21

1,Hesvit S3 BT4.0 Smart Bracelet Watch is our hot model. In recently, our client reply a report about this models. Details as follow:

Hello recently I got my hands on a new smart wearable. So I used it for about 2 weeks just to gather enough experience with it and write my review.
Hesvit S3 is a smartband that monitors your physical health and your daily activily. It can track your sleep quality, count your heart rate, even warn you when you are warm, or cold.

The strap is made of fine flexible plastic and inox details. Hesvit has fit all the important information in the 1″ display. For some consumers the screen might be a disappointment, but I will explain later why this is not the case. At a glance on the display you can watch the time, the status of the battery, the daily steps, kilometers, calories, even the daily sleep time. In addition the display informs the user about his heart rate, the skin and the environmental temperature, the humidity and the air pressure. Hesvit added an extra icon for the “special” day of the month, but it’s targeted mainly on women (although you have the liberty to use it as you may like). The last thing that we notice on the front side is the hesvit button, which lights up the backlight, but if you hold it for 3 seconds or more it counts your heart rate. As we move further at the back, we notice all the important sensors such as the heart rate, the thermometer and the barometer.

The 60mAh battery seems plenty for using the Hesvit S3 for 4 to 5 days. Really impressive if we consider that Bluetooth and all the other features run 24/7. The only thing that consumes a big slice of the pie is the heart rate scanner and the backlight. As for the measurements, they are pretty accurate, but as expected, not perfect. Sometimes it can count more steps, or more sleep hours, but in general it’s very reliable. The device can hold a history of 10 days, which you can synchronize thru their App* (available on Google Play and App Store).
(*warning: supports only iOS 7 or above and Android 4.4 or above)

You can read the full review at aicompare.com
This type of Watch Buy Link: http://goo.gl/YQd6Md (20usd coupon code: 20WATCH for Hesvit S3)

2,NO.1 G3 Bluetooth 4.0 Smart Watch Phone.

3, Xiaomi YiU.S. Edition Sports Camera.


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