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Giveaway: Free Tv-Box by Gearbest.com

Promocje i oferta sklepu GearBest.com

Giveaway: Free Tv-Box by Gearbest.com

Postprzez Gearbest » 15 sty 2016, o 04:24

To get a Free MX Plus TV Box by Gearbest.com (http://www.gearbest.com/tv-box-mini-pc/pp_269237.html)
please follow these steps:
1.Follow our twitter or facebook, then Share the information about the "giveaway" on your social networking sites, e.g. FB, Google+, Twitter, Blog, Forum, etc.
2.write in this topic opinions, suggestions to Gearbest.
3.Send your share links to : Echo@gearbest.com to get a FREE TV-box, among submitted will be selected, one or two winners.The winner will be announced on this forum. The winner after receiving tv-box should write reviews and post in the forum.

the date : 15th-30th

GOOD LUCK :mrgreen:
More deals can be found here
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Re: Giveaway: Free Tv-Box by Gearbest.com

Postprzez tmk10 » 16 sty 2016, o 13:08

Please add more specific details in categories for example I want to buy a white watch with pink band so your site can show me everything what I'm willing to buy. :-) Not that one with yellow band.
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