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First MTK6595 Smartphone! Octa Core Meizu MX4 Released !

Smartfon Meizu MX4, Meizu MX4 PRO, MUIZU MX5
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First MTK6595 Smartphone! Octa Core Meizu MX4 Released !

Postprzez spemall.com » 3 wrz 2014, o 05:52


On September 2, meizu annual product launch was held in Beijing, officially launched its new generation flagship model Meizu MX4 . Sharp updates on the machine in the configuration, and at the same time can support 3G WCDMA,2G GSM and 4G LTE network.

MX4 carry Big. LITTLE architecture of mediatek MT6595 octa core processor, for A17 2.2GHz x 4 + A7 1.7GHz x 4 core portfolio. The machine USES a 5.36 -inch LCD screen size is 1920 x 1152 pixels. MX4 provided by SONY 20700000 megapixel rear camera flash and double color temperature, built-in battery 3100 mah sealed type, MX3 increased by 30% over capacity. In addition, MX4 also used the flash eMMC 5.0, speaking, reading and writing to further improve performance.

Exterior aspect, MX4 continuation of the former generation design style, the box with the transfer of aviation aluminum magnesium alloy material, simple sense is more prominent, also more advantages than ordinary magnesium aluminum alloy strength. The machine back for quadrilateral narrow arc shape. MX4 continued the front design of resemble supersized accounted, accounted for 80% of the entire panel area of the screen. At the same time, the border is only 2.6 mm wide, make the MX4 become the world's most narrow bezel mobile phones. MX4 has three colors Grey, white, gold, and with white, gold version of the border color is same as the machine back.

MX4 adopted, for example, it is worth noting that the self-proclaimed "dispensing hanging screen" technology, let the edge of the screen and keep 0.3 mm space between the metal frame, and the dispensing process, so to be able to achieve the goal of prevent broken screen.

MX4 carrying brand-new Flyme 4 user interface, still adopt flat design. Redrawn Flyme 4 more than 1000 third-party applications ICONS, 100 third-party notification ICONS, more than 500 commonly used web application ICONS and more than 700 light icon, to ensure the uniformity of the interface style. Flyme 4 interface to join a lot of animation, as well as the consistency in an interactive optimization considerably, compared to the overall effect Flyme 3.5 had the very big promotion.

Flyme 4 new joined the "Flyme reading" App, a day set limit to recommend high quality reading source from a number of sites. In addition, the "security center" with tencent, LBE cooperation, provides a rich rights management, traffic management, etc. It is important to note that all these features without Root.

Other functional aspects, Flyme 4 cooperate with hkust xunfei, first introduced the function of speech aides. This functionality built in more than 15000 cell phone with the Meizu related issues, can help users to answer. Flyme 4 cooperate with 360, for each user to provide as much as 40 terabytes of cloud storage space.

Shooting, MX4 to 20.7 million pixels camera equipped with a new ISP image processing chip, continuous shooting speed can reach 25 per second. MX4 can record 100 FPS rate of 720p HD video, and support the slow motion function, at the same time, the machine can take 4k video of 30 FPS. With the help of a new h. 265 video coding technology, MX4 4k video file size can be compressed to half of the original.

In terms of formats, meizu MX4 support 4G mobile, 4G LTE, 3G WCDMA,2G GSM, at the same time it also raised the wi-fi performance, transmission speed three times of the original. In addition, MX4 positioning module also supports GPS, GLONASS and Compass three navigation standard.

According to the released news conference, MX4 provide 16 gb / 32 gb / 64 gb three versions. Meizu has now revealed that Flyme 4 will be adapted MX3 and MX2 in early November , with the two models of friends at the appointed time to upgrade the system. Let’s wait and see !

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