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[Marketing Frist]Dual OS Tablet/eReader--Teclast X89 Kindow


[Marketing Frist]Dual OS Tablet/eReader--Teclast X89 Kindow

Postprzez Geekbuying » 18 kwi 2016, o 06:17


Here's a head-scratcher.

Teclast is a well-known Chinese maker of ereaders, tablets, and what have you, and from the looks of their website they are trying to combine the two categories.

The Teclast X89 Kindow is an odd looking mid-sized that runs Android 5.1 and Windows 10. It sports a 7.5" screen, and under the hood you'll find last year's Z3735F Bay Trail CPU, 2GB of RAM, and 32GB flash storage. There is also HDMI out, a microSD card slot, and dual-speakers as well as Wifi(n), Bluetooth, and a front-facing camera of unknown resolution.

All in all there isn't much to set this tablet apart from the competition, but as Mike Cane points out, the webpage for the X89 Kindow pitches this device as an ereader just as much as a tablet.

Most of the text on the page is Chinese characters embedded in an image, so it can't be translated, but as you can see in the images I snagged and copied below there are a lot of images of text on the screen.

Does anyone know what the images say?

Don't get me wrong, I am all for reading on Android tablets. We're just all puzzled by a manufacturer choosing to focus on reading more than games, media, and other abilities.

Do you think that reflects differences between the Chinese and western markets, or is this just one tablet maker's new idea for marketing in a highly competitive market?

Either way, we should find out more later this month when the X89 KIndow ships.

----------Update: The X89 Kindow will cost $98.349 as per Geekbuying--------

Teclast has announced a new 7.5″ inch tablet The X89 Kindow (Kindow is a word play on Kindle?). It’s got a Samsung 1440 x 1080 screen which a has a decent 240 PPI, and odd resolution that’s 4:3 ratio. And it’s using last years Z3735F Bay Trail, 2GB of RAM and a 32GB eMMC.

There is also a MicroSD card slot and HDMI out as well as Wireless N. The tablet has Android 5.1 and Windows 10 and is marketed more as an eBook reader by the looks of the official site.

It’s 8.9 mm thin and weighs 318g with very small bezels, at least in these press photos below.
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