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DJI Release Matrice 600 professional six-axis machine and a


DJI Release Matrice 600 professional six-axis machine and a

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Although DJI's most famous product should Phantom empty shot machine, but in the professional market, actually has a considerable influence. Earlier, they released a new Matrice 600 six-axis machine, but the biggest selling point of this new product, which is able to capture device equipped according to automatically adjust the flight mode. In addition, the factory also spiritual OsmoPTZ camera unveiled X5 / X5R camera connection and Z-axis stability is presented , and for as Ronin head has been updated.

Although it sounds like before Matrice 600 Matrice 100 successor, but it is not a development machine, but more like a Spreading Wings empty shot machine sequel. It uses a folding design, and landed at the bottom of the bracket can stretch (to avoid blocking the camera when shooting). Propeller dust, body heat can take the initiative, with the flight controller also upgraded to a new A3, built-in adaptive function so that it can achieve "parameters under different load free transfer." At the same time, DJI also equipped with a latitude and longitude 600 Lightbridge 2 "broadcast" image transmission, it supports up to 1080p @ 60fps, can achieve low latency transmission within 5 km far.

Jingwei support DJI 600 almost all of its Zenmuse empty shoot camera, new out of Ronin the MX (priced at US $ 1,599 / 9,999 RMB) handheld PTZ also have no problem. Of course, as the representative of the Red Epic professional photography equipment, but also can easily match the latitude and longitude 600 uses. And the factory has prepared a "Wisdom" by the six cell battery pack composed of, they do not run out of time at the same time, to ensure that expensive equipment without suffering the pain of landing. Speaking of this, based on latitude and longitude 600 Zen X5 camera's battery life in 36 minutes, if fitted with a larger camera, the situation will be correspondingly reduced. In addition to the air to shoot machine, the aforementioned Ronin MX, the main selling point is the built-in high-precision IMI (inertial measurement unit) and Bluetooth connectivity enhance stability. The price here Osmo two new accessories, X5 / X5R connection is $ 99/599 yuan, while the Z-axis stability augmentation devices will have to price of $ 569/849 yuan.

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