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Deals for National Day of France

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Deals for National Day of France

Postprzez Gearbest » 8 lip 2015, o 04:43


Dear Friends,
To celebrate the National Day of France, which is on July 14th , GearBest hold an Promotion Activity “ Bonne Fête la France” with a lot of products in its best price during July 7th - July 17th , including smart phones, smart watches, tablets, TV boxes, Drones, products of outdoor sport, xiaomi products and so on.

Here are several highlights that you cannot miss:
Bonne Fête la France
URL: http://www.gearbest.com/promotion-bonne ... al-71.html

1, Products chosen during this activity will be all at its Best Price, except the products with the price limited by suppliers. The price will return to its original price after the end of the activity!

2, Every day 1 product in Flash-sale with attractive price.
From July 7th - July 14th , at 11:00 time in France(9:00 GMT). See in Attachement.
The coupon of the flash-sale products will be published at the bottom of our activity page mentioned above. Please pay attention to the time and the coupon.

3, We will have everyday 1 giveway in GearBest French Facebook to win Xiaomi Miband, Easycast OTA Mini PC, Drones, Lenovo K3 Note, Xiaomi speakers, E-cigarets,etc.
For more details, please like our French Page and participate in our giveaways!
GearBest French Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GearBestenFrancais
GearBest French Blog: http://gearbestfr.blogspot.fr

At last, happy Bastille Day to all our French friends! Enjoy your vacation and Enjoy our promotion activity as well!

Flah-sales products:
Time:11:00 Time in France( 9:00 GMT), on 7th July
Product: Smart Watch GV18
Coupon: FR0714
Price: 25.99$
Units: 25 pieces
URL: http://www.gearbest.com/cell-phones/pp_158361.html

Time:11:00 Time in France( 9:00 GMT), on 8 July
Product: Smart phone Mlais M7
Coupon: M7GB1,M7GB2,M7GB3,M7GB4,M7GB5,M7GB6,M7GB7,M7GB8,M7GB9,M7GB10
Price: 149.99$
Units: 10 pieces
URL: http://www.gearbest.com/cell-phones/pp_181437.html

Time:11:00 Time in France( 9:00 GMT), on 9th July
Product: Bikeman backpack
Price: 29.99$
Coupon: Bikeman0714
Units: 10 pieces
URL: http://www.gearbest.com/duffel-bags/pp_202774.html

Time:11:00 Time in France( 9:00 GMT), on 10th July
Product: Kanger Subox Mini
Coupon: E-cigarettes SuboxFR
Price: 50.99$
Units: 100 pieces

Time:11:00 Time in France( 9:00 GMT),on 11th July
Product: WLtoys V686G
Price: 92.99 $
Units: 20 pieces
URL: http://www.gearbest.com/rc-quadcopters/pp_141289.html

Time:11:00 Time in France( 9:00 GMT), on 12th July
Product: Eye Sun Glasses
Coupon: EyeSun0714
Price: 12.99 $
Units: 10 pieces
URL: http://www.gearbest.com/sunglasses-spor ... 03835.html

Time:11:00 Time in France( 9:00 GMT), on July
Product: Ainol Mini PC
Price: 50 $
Units: 2 pieces
URL: http://www.gearbest.com/tv-box/pp_166769.html

Time:11:00 Time in France( 9:00 GMT), on 14th July
Product: Xiaomi Mi4i
Coupon: MI4I1,MI4I2,MI4I3,MI4I4,MI4I5,MI4I6,MI4I7,MI4I8,MI4I9,MI4I10
Price: 219.99$
Units: 10 pieces
URL: http://www.gearbest.com/cell-phones/pp_196682.html

Time:11:00 Time in France( 9:00 GMT), on 15th July
Product: Water Resistant Waist Bag
Coupon: Bag0714
Price: 6.99$
Units: 50 pieces
URL: http://www.gearbest.com/duffel-bags/pp_198125.html

Time:11:00 Time in France( 9:00 GMT), on 16th July
Product: Cloud N7
Coupon: 0714FR
Price: 26.99$
Units: 30 pieces
URL: http://www.gearbest.com/smart-watches/pp_194342.html

Time:11:00 Time in France( 9:00 GMT), on 17th July
Product: Drone BAYANGTOYS X9
Price: 15.99$
Units: 20 pieces
URL: http://www.gearbest.com/rc-quadcopters/pp_164620.html
Jeśli masz jakieś pytania dotyczące Naszej oferty lub przesyłki - napisz śmiało Prywatną Wiadomość (po polsku) - z przyjemnością Ci odpiszę.
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