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Coupon Zone Update/The smallest Mini Quadcopter, Here to see


Coupon Zone Update/The smallest Mini Quadcopter, Here to see

Postprzez Geekbuying » 15 lip 2015, o 13:04


Coupon Zone Update:

● $15 for Original Xiaomi Mi Wifi Router.
● $10 for Tronsmart T3000 EZCast LAN Box.
● $10 for Universal Ultra Thin Foldable MiniWireless Keyboard.
● $10 for GD5700 Portable WiFi Remote Outdoor Camera.
● $10 for Mlais MX Base 5.0inch 64 BIT 4G FDD-LTE Android 5.1 Smartphone.
● $10 for Tronsmart T1000 Plus Ezcast Dongle.
● $10 for ZTE Nubia Z9 Mini 5.0Inch FHD 64bit 4G LTE Android 5.0 Smartphone.
● $10 for Tronsmart M1000 EZCast Music Box.
● $10 for U5805Y Wifi POE Remote Visual Doorbell.
● $5 for UMI EMAX 4G LTE 5.5inch FHD Smartphone.
● $5 for KingMa BMGP022 Multi-Function Portable Power Bank.
● $5 for Tronsmart T1000 Elite Dongle.
● $5 for MINIX NT-II NFC Wireless Bluetooth Headphone .
● $2 for HB-168 Mini Fan With USB Plug.
● $2 for Original Xiaomi Piston III Dazzle Edition Earphones.

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★ The smallest Quadcopter -- Ultra MINI D1 Quadcopter 4CH 2.4G 6 Axis Gyro RC Drone Presell On Geekbuying



1 Low/medium/high speed modes customized for both newbies and players
2 Cool light control, suitable for flying in the dark with elegant demeanour
3 3D rollover: hovering at any angle in the sky, simultaneously achiving all-dimensional rollover performance for sharing the shining moment with intimates
4 Hand throw: abandoning traditional flight modes regulated by transmitter operation, all you have to do is slightly throw off your quadcopter into the sky, it will fly freely
5 USB charging cable allows for charging via computer.
6 Functions:Up/ down,forward/ backward,turn left/ right,left/ right sideward flight

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