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Cheapest COLORFLY G708 Tablet from EU warehouse!

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Cheapest COLORFLY G708 Tablet from EU warehouse!

Postprzez coolicool » 26 mar 2015, o 13:23

COLORFLY G708. Small and the cheapest eight-core Android tablet 105.99$ in our EU warehouse.Here, at least, emphasized the current appearance of the latest products on the market fairly normal view, recognition of our space and overseas mode COLORFLY. The new tablet COLORFLY G708 will probably just gave him a curious eight core concept of the customer, but in addition the truth, its value (converted into RMB at current prices) within degrees);
Eka miracle piece 79 bucks - you can say, and I agree with you the results of such units, and now we have repeatedly seen early. But if they are at the same time for a gentle filling, tablet COLORFLY G708 specifications look pretty decent cost.
Judge your self: brand new eight processor is based on MediaTek MT6592 has the most up to P GHz operating frequency, and is equipped with an S- inch display with 1280 × 800 pixel IPS decision matrix. Screen tablet, through knowledge OGS can display 16 million colors do.


5$ coupon: CICG708 (valid from 03/26/2015 to 04/26/2015)
original price: 105.99$
with coupon price:100.99$
link: http://www.coolicool.com/stock-in-europe-colorfly-g708-mtk6592-octa-core-14ghz-7-inch-ips-screen-android-44-tablet-g-39022
This item will be shipped from our EU warehouse.no tariffs and no shipping,only 2-5 days to delivery~

And - COLORFLY G708 has increasingly built 3G modem and SIM slot, collective and Tablet PC design card, now he has the opportunity to use the system as a mobile phone for voice calls and receive / send text messages.
COLORFLY G708 Android Tablet PC
The shell thickness planshetofona panel again with a paste (paste is known as contact) coating NH mm below the Android AA KitKat effective and it does work system Google.

$199.99 for Elephone S7

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