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Bestselling Smart Watches - Get GV08S at $18.99

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Bestselling Smart Watches - Get GV08S at $18.99

Postprzez Everbuying.net » 28 sie 2015, o 10:57

Hi everyone, let's check out the Everbuying 2015 best selling smartwatches. :-P


Link: http://www.everbuying.net/m-promotion-a-active-158.html

This event has two parts – one is flash sale and another is Top Staff Picks. The smartwatches available under flash sale are limited in stocks. On the other hand, the Top Staff Picks smartwatches are here to stay, however, prices might vary over time.

Everbuying 2015 best selling smartwatches : Flash Sale

The main features of GV08S are SIM card / Bluetooth phone call, Music playback, Sleep monitor, 500mAh lager battery, Anti-theft. It is now priced at US $18.99.

The highlighting features of Aiwatch GT08+ are it can be used with both Android and iOS. It has a standalone SIM card, Bluetooth touch pairing, HD intelligent recording and health management. It is now priced at US $32.99.

LG118 includes a pedometer, sleep monitor, anti lost feature, sedentary reminder and remote capture to name the most interesting features. It is now priced at US $27.99.

Ken Xin Da W3 has a 1.44-inch LCD screen, supports up to 16GB microSD card. It has Bluetooth 3.0 and packs in a 600 mAh battery. It is priced at US $20.99.

Z01 Smartwatch has 512 MB of RAM along with 4 GB of internal memory. It works on Bluetooth 3.0 and supports Gravity sensing system. It also supports camera, MP3, GPS and WiFi. This smartwatch is priced at US $102.99.

Also, do check out the Top Staff Picks which includes Zeblaze Crystal, NT08, iradish Y6 and more. These smartwatches will be in stock at almost the same pricing, even after the activity is over. 8-)
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