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Beauty Play VR easy Cause of crime!


Beauty Play VR easy Cause of crime!

Postprzez Geekbuying » 5 kwi 2016, o 14:28


Recent major manufacturers are competing to launch VR virtual reality devices, this innovative technology allows ''Sword Art Online'' possible, but some people questioned recently online: VR is really suitable for girls to play? When using VR, because the user will be substantial investment in physical and mental, so some people think that "if girls play VR, then, is not on the unsuspecting, so bad guys take advantage of it?"

This message board topic in Japan caused a heated debate, many users said that there is such possibility, and with Showgirl image VR equipment on show were Examples: Showgirl VR headset, holding the handle, the line of sight is completely blocked, If someone take this opportunity to...... its difficult to detect.

In addition to public use VR dangerous outside, a person at home and how to play it? User and use the "Sword Art Online": Even if a person playing, still unable to determine a variety of conditions, such as fire, earthquake, or was trespassing, did respond, however.

Although these examples are based on an extreme case, but a carefully thought-provoking...... The lady will missed it ? Hope businesses also aware of the problem, to make improvements to the equipment it.

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