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$69.99 at Everbuying for Limited

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$69.99 at Everbuying for Limited

Postprzez Everbuying.net » 22 sty 2016, o 14:09

About the device ,we have a after-market on Europe.
If the customers are from Eastern Europe,then the after-market is on Poland
and if from Western Europe,then they can get it from Germany.So that means,if we have some warranty issue,it would not be back to China.

Of course,we can catch the details about the battery 4050mAh,it is a real data about that,the device maker made lots of test about that,
How do you think about that?

Stating on Jan 25th 9:00 UTC , and the price on the page will be changed on Next Monday
if you want to get more details,click here :

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