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6.98 inch screen JXD P868 Quad Core 3G Only USD159.99 Online

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6.98 inch screen JXD P868 Quad Core 3G Only USD159.99 Online

Postprzez spemall.com » czwartek, 18 grudnia 2014, 12:07

Big screen mobile phone is very popular in recent years, the benefits of large screen is many, watching movies and playing games have congenital advantage, so many manufacturers used its as selling point, they launched their own large screen products.

JXD has recently launched a large screen smartphone - JXD P868, this machine has a fashion design, configuration is the mainstream.


JXD P868 used the regular rectangle body design, edges have bigger radian, thickness, on the big screen products, belong to the existence of relatively thin, this machine thickness is only 7.6 mm, this machine size is 188 * 97.2 * 7.9 mm, now it have the black version.

This phone selling point is large screen, 6.98 -inch IPS is close to the limit of the phone's screen size, screen resolution also reached the level of HD 1280 * 720, combined with 3 mm or so narrow bezel design, the screen is very outstanding. In addition to the screen, JXD P868 is carrying MTK6582 quad-core processors, running 1GB memory, about 8GB internal storage space (it support extension), it is equipped with front 2.0 megapixel + rear 8.0 megapixel double camera, the battery capacity is 3000 mah, in addition, this machine is also equipped with the custom Android systems, support WCDMA/GSM network and OTG functions, it also support light sensors, gravity sensors and so on the commonly used sensors.


This 6.98 inch large screen JXD P868 is in stock At SpeMall, and its price is only USD159.99!

Buying Link: http://www.spemall.com/JXD-P868-Android-4-2-OS-MTK6582-Quad-Core-3G-Tablet-PC-Bluetooth-GPS-2-0MP-8-0MP-Dual-Camera-6-98-Inch-1280-720-Screen-1GB-8GB_g.html
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