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6.4 inches! Xiaomi Giant Screen Phone Confirm The Name: Xiao


6.4 inches! Xiaomi Giant Screen Phone Confirm The Name: Xiao

Postprzez Geekbuying » 15 kwi 2016, o 10:05

After a few days after the vote, Xiaomi giant screen machines named finally confirmed.

According to Xiaomi phone official microblogging statement, two days since the micro-Bo, Xiaomi MIUI community and a total of 24.5 million people participated in the forum millet big screen mobile phone named voting, the final Xiaomi Max to 116,294 votes to become the user's favorite name.

Therefore, Xiaomi in the history of the largest mobile phone screen name will finally confirmed, it is the Xiaomi Max.

Accordance with the previous statement, Xiaomi Max is expected to carry 6.4 inches giant screen, and may or metal body design , as for the entire network, fingerprint identification, Snapdragon 820 processor and other configuration is also no less.

As Published since Xiaomi have started to rally, you feel be far behind?


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