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5200 mah battery Long Battery life Smartphone Amoi M1 issued

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5200 mah battery Long Battery life Smartphone Amoi M1 issued

Postprzez spemall.com » 26 lis 2014, o 12:05

The development of smartphones is rapid, it is great convenient to people's life, and then it highlight the two big problem, there is "safe" and "battery life", in the face of these problems, mobile phone manufacturers Amoi hand over the latest paper, the new product Amoi M1 can solve this two problem, now, this smartphone is also in stock At SpeMall, and its price is only USD179.99.


As previously announced, amoi, Amoi M1 two core selling point is safe and battery life. On the security, the MIIT five-star safety tests is sure of M1 security capabilities, this machine has the multiple protection, from personal privacy to others; Besides, this smartphone is also Amoi the highest current battery capacity product, it have a 5200 ma battery, it can support quick charge and reverse charge.

Configuration is giving priority to practical, using 5 inch 720P resolution IPS screen, carrying MTK6582 quad-core processors, 1GB RAM + 8GB ROM memory and front 2.0 megapixel / rear 13.0 meapixel OV camera, based on the Android 4.4 custom system, it also support WCDMA/GSM double card double stay.

Amoi M1 also have rich additional function, this machine for the first time in the integrated support custom entity "intelligent key" on the side of the fuselage, the user can set the button's function, such as click or long press shortcut to open the application, in addition, Amoi M1 can support Mediatek Hotknot transfer technology, the commonly used sensors is complete, it also support OTG function.

Buying Link:http://www.spemall.com/Amoi-M1-Smartphone-5-Inch-1280X720-IPS-Screen-2-0MP-13-0MP-Camera-Quad-Core-Android-4-4-OS-3G-1GB-8GB_g.html
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