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32GB Quad Core Win8 Tablet PC Teclast X80h Only USD141.99

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32GB Quad Core Win8 Tablet PC Teclast X80h Only USD141.99

Postprzez spemall.com » 11 gru 2014, o 12:11

8 inch quad-core Win8 tablet Teclast X80h is in stock At SpeMall, its price is only USD141.99. Teclast X80h, on hardware configuration, is very outstanding, it is equipped with Intel Bay Trail processors, support 64-bit computing, dominant frequency is 1.83 GHz; 2GB DDR3L low power consumption memory, 32GB eMMC flash memory, which ensure Win8 system stability and transmission speed. 8 inch metal fuselage integrated design, 7.9 mm thickness, it also has the light weight of 367 g, carrying is more convenient.


X80h is Teclast first 8 inch Intel Bay Trail processor, 2GB 64-bit DDR3L low-power consumption high-speed memory, 32GB eMMC memory chips, which can meet the demand of Windows systems, as you know, if 16GB version tablet installed Win8.1 system, it have only 4GB free space. Besides, it also integrated Intel the seventh generation HD Graphics display core, it also pre-install original genuine Windows8.1 operating system, it support for multiple exe application installation directly.


Teclast X80h is using lightweight portable 8 inch metal fuselage, with a 5.5 mm narrow bezel, the screen proportion is bigger, 7.9 mm thin body, and the light weight of 367 g, both in business office and tourist entertainment, experience is better.Screen, using 8 inch IPS screen, resolution is up to 1280 x 800 and 178 ° of viewing angles, smooth G+G capacitive touch screen, which bring sensitive touch feeling. Teclast X80h support 4K video broadcast, the image is more delicate, color is more rich.

Buying Link: http://www.spemall.com/Teclast-X80h-Windows8-1-Tablet-PC-Intel-Bay-Trail-T-3735D-64-8-Inch-1280-800-IPS-G-G-Screen-Dual-Camera-Bluetooth-2GB-32GB_g.html
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32GB Quad Core Win8 Tablet PC Teclast X80h Only USD141 99

Postprzez WindyPTef » 16 sty 2015, o 12:14

It wouldnt surprise me if they had put in some restriction. What CPU does it think you have?

Also note that the 6600K is a 100W TDP CPU.

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