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20150827 - Coupon Zone Update / Funry Y8 Home Touch New Come


20150827 - Coupon Zone Update / Funry Y8 Home Touch New Come

Postprzez Geekbuying » 27 sie 2015, o 13:59


● $30 off for Ulefone Be Touch 2 5.5inch 3+16GB Smartphone.
● $25 off for EZCast Pro HDMI Mirror2 TV Stick.
● $25 off for Tronsmart Pavo M9 4K TV BOX.
● $21 off for BLUBOO X550 5.5inch 4G 5300mAh Android 5.1 Smartphone.
● $20 off for innos D6000 5.2 inch 3GB+32GB 6000mAh Smartphone.
● $20 off for Mlais M7 Plus 5.5inch 3GB 16GB Smartphone.
● $20 off for CUBOT X15 5.5inch Android 5.1 2GB 16GB Smartphone.
● $20 off for OUKITEL U8 2+16GB Smartphone.
● $16 off for Mlais MX Base 5.0inch 64 BIT Android 5.1 Smartphone.
● $10 off for Elephone S2 5.0inch 4G FDD-LTE Android 5.1 Smartphone.
● $9 off for Leagoo Lead 7 5.0Inch Android 4.4 Smartphone.
● $5 off for C200D Adjustable Mini Smart WiFi Wireless Camera.

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Funry Y8 Home Touch Switch Double Remote Intelligent Control -->> SEE More

What it is???

Funry Y8 Home Touch With touch function and remote control function, it is equipped with a remote controller.

● The remote control switch has the function of long distance remote control, which is up to 150 metres in the open field and can be up to 30 meters indoors, to meet different customer needs
● With a gentle touch, it can easily control the light open and close
● Users touching keys can be issued the sound of "di" , and the prompt to dial the code switch or cancel the prompt function
● Used as a night light at night, it can dial the code switch settings or cancel the function of background light
● The outer shell is made of fireproof plastic material, effectively preventing switch ignition
● Control by live wire, easy for installation, do not need rewiring and replacing the switch before directly
● Toughened glass panels, unique design and luxurious beauty
● Prevent the occurrence of leakage and electric shock danger
● Product Size ( L x W x H ): 8.6 x 8.6 x 4 cm / 3.38 x 3.38 x 1.57 inches

A funny video talking about the Home Touch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4mWsNkt2zrg

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Leagoo Christmas Sale -- Smart Phone low to $59.99

Elephone Ivory -->> $12.12 To Grab One
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